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To Thai or not to Thai?

I offer a number of types of massage, but i would suggest there are two distinct styles; Aromatherapy and Thai, with Deep tissue massage being a blend of those two styles.

So please read my take on these two styles and what i recommend you choose.

Thai massage - Now, I am bias and most the time i go for a massage, this is what I choose. Thai massage is just fantastic if you have a particular muscular complaint, such as a sore lower back. I use this as an example as it is a very common complaint, which is often a by-product of working in an office environment.


Thai massage is a very firm type of massage, done on a special mattress on the floor. The masseuse will give you a full body massage and during this time look to identify particularly tense or knotty areas to work on. They will work on these systematically until all tense muscles have been relaxed and any knots massaged away. If you do any form of weight training I highly recommend this type of massage. You will often feel sore the next day and i always recommend taking a nice hot bath afterwards to help with this. Two days after the massage you will feel great and you will feel like you can take on the world! 


Beware this feeling is addictive and once you go Thai Massage, very few ever change to another type of massage therapy. 


Aromatherapy - This is the very experience many people dream of and sadly many never experience. It is performed on a massage table and the hand pressure of the masseuse is much softer. Hot oil, lemon grass 'stampers', Tiger balm and lavender oils are all used to leave you utterly relaxed. I recommend this massage if you are going to a massage therapist with the aim of leaving stress free. I also recommend this if you are sore as opposed to tense, stressed as opposed to aching or if you want to be utterly pampered.


If you are buying a loved one a massage, this is the one you buy.


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